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Last update: 09.01.2019
Soft Matter Physics
We are investigating structures and dynamics in biologically and technologically relevant soft condensed matter with photonic techniques such as photon-correlation and single-photon timing, as well as advanced video-microscopic imaging. The current research projects include fundamental research on muco-ciliary transport in bovine oviduct, simulations of self-organized transport and Monte-Carlo simulations and experiments concerning the propagation of polarized light in model media and biological tissues.

Links to currently running projects:

Previously accomplished projects:

  • Deposition of nano-particles on textile surfaces. This research is done together with the University of Geneve, KTI-project 6371.1 “Improving customer perception of textiles by tailoring nanoparticle-substrate interactions”.

  • Two-photon imaging and interactions of ultrashort near infrared laser pulses with biological soft matter. NF project 3152AO-100 431 “Femtosecond laser microscope for intracellular nano-surgery and time resolved functional imaging”.