Medical Optics
Optoacoustic imaging
Soft Matter Physics
Research projects
Last update: 09.01.2019
>> Laser Tissue Soldering
>> NRP 64: Nanoparticles in biodegradable implants: distribution and effects in brain tissue
>> PAMMOTH "Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Mammoscopy for evaluating screening-detected lesions in the breast"
>> CVENT "Risk assessment of plaque rupture and future cardiovascular events by multi-spectral photoacoustic imaging"
>> FP7-FULLPHASE "Fully integrated real-time multi-wavelength photoacoustic for early disease detection"
>> Phyllotaxis in tomato plants
>> Stalagmites as a climate archive
>> Bubble Sizing
>> Cilia
>> Polarized light propagation in biological tissue
>> ONIRIUS (SwissTransMed)
>> Optical nerve stimulation and bone drilling